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What is the DreamCARD?
  • ★ DreamCARD is international card full of discounts.
  • ★ Sales and benefits are unlimited = EVERY DAY.
  • ★ This card use in more than 1000 partners in the whole Czech Republic.
  • ★ The number of partners of DreamCARD is increase rapidly.
  • ★ Using in all sectors (restaurants, beauty, health, sport, education, holidays, transport, service centers, retail stores and many more).
  • ★ Card is not for a payment is not connected in any bank, just show before paying.
  • ★ Standard selling price of DreamCARD is 498,- Czech crowns including VAT.
  • ★ Card validity is one year.
What´s the discount card?
This card is not for a payment. The holder receives a discount or benefit after presentation (showing) or any other identification just in case that the holder is just one who is real specified in the database of our customers during activation. The other way is characterized by the fact that the card can be used in multiple locations at the same time.
What is the difference between the discount card and discount portal? Which one is for the DreamCARD?
Discount card and discount portal are two totally different things. That's why we've prepared a simple comparison table:
★★★ Discount portal Discount card (DreamCARD)
Evidence of discount voucher card
Submission deadline to prove discounts during rezervation / at entry during payment
Maintaining the quality of services and resources usually not, business partner knows that you will apply a discount YES, business partner doesn´t know who is and is not the cardholder
Validity according to the time of coupon = is strictly limited (in months) according to the time of the card limited - 1 year
If the validity finished if you apply the coupon are not eligible for additional discounts if you apply the card you can entitled to thousands of discounts and benefits for all partners with the same card again
Quantity / the possibility of using just once unlimited
Location only one definite place unlimited in Czech
Discount rate usually 50% - 70% usually 10% - 50%
Discounts per day the number of discounts coupon unlimited all day and every day
Reservations need yes, almost always not, if it doesn´t require rules for applying discount (such as hotel booking)


Why to activate the card DreamCARD?
You should activate DreamCARD for several reasons. Thanks activated card will be automatically included in our competitions, you get regular invitations to events DreamCARD or our business partners, you will be able to obtain free information on new partners, DreamCARD news, sections (such as weekend places to visit), get prepared application DreamCARD for iPhone and later for Android, etc.
How to active the card DreamCARD?
Select the menu in the main horizontal menu on the website and section "ACTIVATE" by click. After that fill out a short form and click on "ACTIVATE CARD" to finished it . If you aren't sure what does it mean "ID card" in the form it is the card number, which is printed on the front of yours discount card (16 numbers).
What should I do to get a discount?
Simply you show discount card DreamCARD before paying. Some of our business partners lend a card for longer identification (for using magnetic stripe reader). The other partners lend it for shorter identification because they have a bar code, which is on the back of the card.. This bar code is set as minus item at checkout for time-saving during payment. Anyway, everything is very fast, comfortable and discreet.
Who to apply discount upon presentation of the DreamCARD?
The card applies to the entire spending what holder will pay. Whether it is a V.I.P. discount card (portable) or the name card (non portable). This means that the discount is automatically granted if the cardholder pays for self spending. The discount is applied if the cardholder pays for others. These people may not be the cardholders. Doesn't matter if they pay for themselves or for someone else.
Where I can use DreamCARD?
DreamCARD is daily updated and complete database of all business partners where you get discounts and benefits. Please visit our web page and in the main menu you can see the catalogue of discounts. All our stores are marked with a sticker DreamCARD on the front door or in another conspicuous place (at checkout).
Is DreamCARD payment card (debit, credit)?
It's not. It looks like but don't worry really is not. We aren't affiliated with any bank. We don't charge monthly fees. We chose similar design like payment cards just to ensure discretion in applying discounts. Showing the payment card in elegant black design is still something other than keep unsightly coupon when arrival to the store.
Can I buy discount card DreamCARD someone else?
Yes, the card can be purchased to someone else. The good choice is to give a card as a gift. Holder just activates it in own name through the website
How to Buy in E-shop with discount card DreamCARD?
Important is to inform seller in order that you are the owner DreamCARD discount cards and to notify 16-digit card number, which is printed on the front of your discount card.
Why I haven´t found discounts in calalogue for my city?
Although constantly expanding number of our partners and places in Czech where you can use the discount card, we haven't contractors in all places. Therefore we would appreciate if you contact us and recommend us a city or even specific place where you would like to use discounts and benefits with the DreamCARD. We'll try to do contract with your recommended company as much and soon as possible.
When can I expect the card when I ordered it?
You receive the card to your registered address within 10 working days from the time your payment is credited to the account DreamCARD or in case if you order it by cash in delivery.