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Types of discount DreamCARDS


Standard Czech DreamCARD


With the standard discount card DreamCARD you will be able to get discounts from 10 to 50% in all of our business partners. Shops, malls, where you can get discounts, you can find in our online catalog. Each discount card is provided with a magnetic strip, a unique number, bar code and gold logo of DreamCARD.

Cards have an expiration date 1 year. Card price - 498 Czech Korunas, including VAT.



Tourist Czech DreamCARD


Tourist card DreamCARD designed for foreign visitors to the Czech Republic. The owners of this card can get discounts not only in the general network of our partners, but also the most interesting tourist destinations. Tourist card has an interesting design, on the reverse side of which is placed a gold band, and on the front - the original photo and company logo DreamCARD. With this card you can get a discount of 10 to 50%.



VIP Czech DreamCARD

VIP card DreamCARD

This card was issued for the first 20 000 customers, business partners and individual traders, providing benefits and discounts. Discounts and functionality of this card is no different from a standard card DreamCARD, but the term of VIP card, unlike the standard, is not limited.




Promo Czech DreamCARD

PROMO card DreamCARD

This test card can be only obtained during our promotions. It can be used as normal card DreamCARD to receive discounts of 10-50%. Locations and discounts are listed in the online catalog. For each promotion we make a new design of the card, but the card always contains a single bar code and gold logo DreamCard. The validity - six months, it is always listed on the card. You can get it FREE.



Corporate Czech DreamCARD

Corporate card DreamCARD

Corporate card DreamCARD can be a very attractive bonus for your employees or your business partners. This card can have its own, unique design. For example, the card can be issued using graphic data selected and provided to you. You can also fully preserve the original design of the card, placing on the front of it the name, brand logo and web address of your company. We leave the choice up to you. In addition, on each card can be placed the name of the card holder, if you plan to provide this card to your business partners or customers.

It should be noted that all of the cost of making and prevalence of such cards your company will be able to include in the list of expenses like advertising, advertising products.

Corporate Card can not be commercially available and has a limited year of 1 year.


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